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Female ACL Injury Statistics

Female Athletes Can Injure Their Knees at up to 6x The Rate of Their Male Counterparts

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Female ACL Injury Statistics

As the Head Physician for the U.S. Women's Alpine ski team for almost 20 years, I've had a unique, close-up view of some of the world's top athletes dealing with this injury. And I've repaired a few myself. So I'm going to try to shed some light on the topic here today, as I have many times before.

Ok, so it's not secret that female athletes have a higher risk of tearing the Anterior Cruciate Ligament.

We've all heard stories or known firsthand of college-age women in sports such as soccer, field hockey, and basketball who have had multiple surgeries, yet continue to pursue the dream of becoming a world-class athlete.

Luckily, with current developments in the world of sports medicine, we are often able to get these athletes back on the field quicker than ever. Not only that, but some of these athletes are actually more successful post-surgery then they were before.

What Are the Statistics of Female ACL Tears?

Unfortunately for the ladies, they suffer ACL Tear at higher rates then their male counterparts, almost across the board. As you can see by these stats, female athletes are up to 6 times as likely to tear the dreaded ACL.

  • BASKETBALL - For every 1 injury to a male athlete, there are 3.5 injuries to a female athlete
  • VOLLEYBALL - For every 1 injury to a male athlete, there are 3 injuries to a female athlete
  • SOCCER - For every 1 injury to a male athlete, there are 4 injuries to a female athlete
  • RECREATIONAL SKIING - For every 1 injury to a male athlete, there are 6 injuries to a female athlete
  • WORLD CUP SKIING - The stats are even here. For every 1 injury to a male athlete, there are 

Here's Why Women Have More ACL Tears

Here is a quick review explaining the 5 Differences in the Female ACL when compared to their male counterparts:

  1. Women are more commonly born “knock kneed” which puts the ACL at risk

  2. Women are more commonly loose jointed which puts all ligaments at risk.

  3. The ACL is smaller relative to their body size in women

  4. Females tend to land more straight-legged when they jump than men.

  5. Women have monthly hormonal related changes in the stiffness of the ACL that men don’t.

Info-graphic: The Female ACL

Here's an infographic you can share with your friends on the topic.

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