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Alex Morgan: From ACL Injury to World Cup Champion

Alex Morgan had ACL Surgery as a High School Senior. But She Bounced Back to Become a World Cup Champion and Athlete of The Year

Once in a while I like to feature athletes who have overcome injuries and gone on to success. As you know, many of the world-class ski racers that I work with have had multiple injury setbacks but continue to push themselves.

But skiing isn't the only sport where major knee injuries are common. In fact, in terms of pure numbers, women's soccer is at the top.

So chances are, if you are a soccer player, you will have to deal with injury at some point. And if you do, let Alex Morgan be your inspiration!

Facing an Injury in High School

Morgan tore her ACL as a senior in high school. In previous generations, this injury could have spelled the end of her career before it really even started. But not in this day and age. Alex had a successful surgery, and even though she had to sit out her senior year of high school, she moved on to play college soccer at the University of California. And that was only the start of her legendary career post-injury.

So if you are a high school player dealing with a serious knee injury, remember Alex.

Take your recovery seriously, listen to the advice of your doc, rehab with positivity and desire, and you too can get back to your previous level of performance.

Alex Morgan: World Cup Champion & Athlete of Year

Morgan has been one of the faces of the U.S. Team over the past 10 years. And despite the fact that teams from other countries are catching up to the U.S. in terms of talent and training, she was still able to help America to the trophy in 2019.

Not only that, but Alex is also one of the top players in the National Women's soccer league. And to top that off, Alex just shrugged off a crowded field of fantastic female athletes to win the "Best Female Athlete" award at the ESPY's.

You Can Do it Too

The main point here is that an ACL tear or major knee injury doesn't have to mean the end of your athletic career. Whether you are trying to make the U.S. National Team or you just want to ensure a lifetime of active sports participation, we can get you back to your previous levels of performance. Just like Alex!

How Long will it Take To Come Back From Surgery?

Here's a little video for you that will outline the return time to sports after injury. For more helpful videos, check out my YouTube page.

Good luck!

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